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                ERA Solar, a subsidiary of the stock exchange listed ERA Group, is a renowned manufacturer of photovoltaic modules and solar garden lights with highest quality for over 15 years. A multitude of realized plants with ERA solar modules and outdoor places with solar lights all over the world are providing a maximum of energy to satisfied customers day by day.

                At present, ERA solar has successfully mass-produced monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules with power ranging from 50W to 550W with over 800MW annual production capacity. The products adhere to the strictest international quality standards, backed by IEC (2016version) INMETRO, CE, ROHS, PSI and COC certifications. The company's market covers Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, France, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Brazil, Yemen and Pakistan, ect.

                ERA Solar also offers a lot series of solar lawn lights with high quality and popular styles. The products adhere to the strictest international quality standards, backed by CE, ROHS. And ERA Solar is BSCI audited every year. The company is listed TOP5 as the exporter of solar lights in China in 2021.

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